The Uncommon Trust Castle · Jul 7-11

With special guests Mark Meer, Kelly Lynne D’angelo, and Eric campbell

The Uncommon Trust

The Uncommon Trust consists of Sam de Leve, Alcuin Gersh, D'Artagnan Mattaliano, Ash Minnick, and B. Dave Walters, a group of players, storytellers, and advocates for inclusivity who transcend any one show or channel.

They have a diversity of DM and player experiences from some of the biggest streaming programs such as Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night, Shield of Tomorrow, Callisto6, We're Alive: Frontier, Shadowrun: Shadows on the Horizon, the Stream of Many Eyes D&D event, and the level 20 Forgotten Realms show Theogony of Kairos. They will also star in an upcoming streaming show for Wizards of the Coast.

They bring nearly 100 collective years of TTRPG and entertainment experience, stretching back to the early days of Dungeons and Dragons. Join them for a one-of-a-kind immersive gaming experience with some of the best in the business!

Meet the DMs


B. Dave Walters

B. Dave Walters is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. He is best known as the writer of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of the Red Rage for IDW comics, and creator and DM of the Shadow of the Red Rage streaming show for Wizards of the Coast.

His DM style is high level, high emotion; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll crit. He specializes in campaigns where there are no throw away characters. You’ll have the power to destroy a city but will think twice about fireballing a goblin just trying to feed its family.


Alcuin Gersh

A veteran Game Master and Actual Play Twitch streamer, Alcuin Gersh brings his background in the visual arts and passion for storytelling and mythology in to the games he runs.

Alcuin Gersh lives to build worlds. Most are dark and punctuated with the tragic heroics of his players. Drawing from his life-long love of Michael Moorcock, space opera and anime he guides players through intensely personal arcs of love, loss and redemption.


D’artagnan Mattaliano

D’artagnan Mattaliano is an American Veteran, Actor, Writer, and Musician. He began his career shortly after retiring from the Army, acting in short films and music videos in LA. He quickly became fascinated by the art of Dungeons and Dragons and joined Maze Arcana, where he met the group now known as The Uncommon Trust, where he now spends most of his time getting into wild adventures on several different shows.

He is known for his intense combat and high fantasy games. His Dungeon mastering style focuses on making sure the players have a fun, but challenging game that lets the characters breath life into the world. If you want a game full of hijinks and comedy, whilst also roleplaying as your favorite murder hobo then D’artagnan is the DM for you.


Mark Meer

Mark Meer stars as the voice of Commander Shepard, Blasto, Niftu Cal, the Vorcha, and more in Bioware's Mass Effect Trilogy. Other voice work includes Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark, Bioware's Dragon Age series, Jade Empire, and the original Baldur's Gate games, plus the mad drow sorcerer Baeloth Barrityl, Sun Soul monk Rasaad yn Bashir, "world's greatest first-level mage" Alveus Malcanter, and dozens of other roles in the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear from Beamdog. Mark is also a world-renowned improvisor and has performed his improv shows The Harold of Galactus and Improvised Dungeons & Dragons across the world.

Mark's games will tend to focus on character and role playing, as opposed to combat. Players can look forward to meeting a wide range of colourful NPCs, and engaging in adventures where choosing the right words can be just as effective as wielding a blade. Don't worry, though... you'll still get to stab things, if you like.


Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell is the Director of Development at Geek & Sundry and has been running games for over two decades. For 2 Years he has run live streamed games on Geek & Sundry's Twitch and Alpha Channels (Doctor Who on TBD RPG, Star Trek on Shield of Tomorrow and the Cypher System on Callisto 6).

Eric enjoys character based storytelling and is a more responsive style GM. Game preparation always yields to character initiative and player choices. Eric prefers investing in the emotional journey of a character. His emphasis on the character's personal stories and experiences has earned him the loving title of "#FeelsDestroyer" by fans of Geek & Sundry. For Eric, intimate character moments are just as important as epic, world shattering events, when delivering a living adventure.

Sam De Leve

Sam de Leve is a roleplaying performer who has played over twenty-five characters across half a dozen Twitch channels. As a player, they are known for roles such as Tails on Theogony of Kairos, Lacy on Callisto 6, Junil Rue on the Star Trek RPG Shield of Tomorrow, and as the longest-running cast member on Saving Throw's comedy RPG Tempting Fate. In addition to their roleplaying work, Sam served as co-creator of the Callisto 6 RPG setting, alongside GM Eric Campbell, and as a host on Geek & Sundry. When they aren't playing games or talking about games, Sam can be found lifting heavy things and making wheels go ZOOM! in new and terrifying ways.

Rick Budd

Rick Budd is the GM of "Tempting Fate", a comedic RPG livestream on the Saving Throw twitch channel. He also served as a writer for Geek & Sundry's "Shield of Tomorrow", head writer of Alpha's "Vast" and co-created the sci-fi comedy web series "Future Girl".


Joseph Limbaugh

Joseph Limbaugh is a RPG enthusiast and narrative improviser fascinated by group narrative discovery. He has over 30 years of RPG experience as a GM of multiple systems, and as a youth first played DND with Grognards. He’s also a game designer and his first Kickstarter, Postcard Dungeons, was wildly successful.


Amy Dallen

Amy Dallen rolled up her first bard in elementary school and has been attempting to stay in fictional worlds ever since. She's happy to report it's going well; as Cass in "Callisto 6" (Cypher system), Dr. Sh'shirros in "Shield of Tomorrow" (Star Trek Adventures), the Doctor in "Eric's TBD RPG" (Doctor Who by Modiphius), Captain Lucy Bard in "Vast" and as part of "Weave Society," she's been on quite the adventure. She's also finally tried the other side of the screen, running games on Weave Society and GMing a Tal'Dorei-set adventure for Geek & Sundry's Anniversary stream. She is thrilled to have watched the world waking up to the magic of RPGs and can't wait to lead a few adventures of her own.


Kelly Lynne D’angelo

Kelly loves running low or mid-level heavy role-playing games and enjoys moderate combat, but within the story elements. Her biggest thing is exploration and finding nooks for my players to investigate motives & mysterious lands. An animation, musical, and comedy writer, Kelly combines all of her talents in one at the DM table. With her dynamic voice work, layered storytelling, and jokes abound, you’ll get sucked into her world like an unstable portal to the Nine Hells. And good luck trying to get out of one of those.