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The Bard Castle · Jun 29 - July 3

With special guests AMY VORPAHL, MARK MEER, GINA DIVIVO, Jason Carl, and Curtis Armstrong

Meet the DMs



Xander can be seen playing characters on several tabletop RPG shows, including Geek & Sundry's Sagas of Sundry, We're Alive: Frontier, Shield of Tomorrow, Callisto 6, LA by Night, and Relics and Rarities. He has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for most of his life, both as a player and Dungeon Master. You might have also seen Xander on TBS' King of the Nerds, or heard his voice in games such as Divekick or Dragon Nest. Recently, he has been touring the US with his comedy band, The Library Bards (jazz hands), and is excited to bring the Bardic magic to the world.

Xander's DM style relies heavily on the narrative of the story, and encourages players to relax and make jokes at the table. That being said, expect some appropriately dramatic moments between characters, driven by the consequences of the player's actions. Come for the puzzles and laughs, and leave with a story that will stick with you!

You might recognize Bonnie from her time on ABC’s fantasy/reality show, “The Quest,” but if her face doesn’t seem familiar to you, then perhaps her voice will… From video games to anime, some of her VO credits include Street Fighter V (R. Mika); Mega Man 11 (Bounce Man); Fire Emblem: Echoes (Silque/vocalist for the end credits song); recurring characters on Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords; Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock (Sam); and many more!

Her love for gaming & RPGs inspired her to stalk the doors of Geek & Sundry till she managed to become a series regular on the Star Trek Adventures RPG show "Shield of Tomorrow" as Ensign Lark Sage, the Project Alpha cyberpunk superhero RPG, "Callisto 6” as Lindy “Hopps” Hopper, and co-host the latest season of “Good Fortnight Kevin” with her Bard counterpart, Xander. She has also guested on various RPG channels such as Hyper RPG and Saving Throw’s Tempting Fate. Her future plans include living off of cheese plates and world domination.

She has no DM experience whatsoever, but lucky for her you can’t do a Library Bards Castle without BOTH Library Bards!

She plans on doing exactly what the other DMs tell her to do.... or so they think.

Xander will be running a 3-day campaign at the castle with the help of Bonnie, and subject to space at their table, you can select them as your campaign DM for the event.


Amy Vorpahl

Amy Vorpahl is a writer and actress from the grand ol' state of Texas with a BFA in Acting from University of Oklahoma. She has worked in the digital space for several years as a writer, producer, host and gamer for several years at places like Nerdist, Geek and Sundry, Buzzfeed, The Attack, and Comic Con HQ. Amy has spent over ten years performing improv and sketch at the comedy schools in LA including Groundlings Sunday Company, UCB, and iO West, and she uses all that sweet, sweet experience to make her RPG characters super effing fun! She has been playing D&D since college, and her album, "Songs in the Key of D&D" was inspired by many characters and experiences at the table. She has played D&D on notable streams such as D&D's official twitch, D&D Beyond, Geek and Sundry, Critical Role, and Saving Throw, and you can see her Dungeon Mastering in your VR Headset with Amaze VR app or through a window from the bushes outside her gaming friend's house (she's not saying you should; these are just places you can see her DM-ing).

Amy will be running a 3-day campaign at the castle, and subject to space at her table, you can select her as your campaign DM for the event.


Mark Meer

Mark Meer stars as the voice of Commander Shepard, Blasto, Niftu Cal, the Vorcha, and more in Bioware's Mass Effect Trilogy. Other voice work includes Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark, Bioware's Dragon Age series, Jade Empire, and the original Baldur's Gate games, plus the mad drow sorcerer Baeloth Barrityl, Sun Soul monk Rasaad yn Bashir, "world's greatest first-level mage" Alveus Malcanter, and dozens of other roles in the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear from Beamdog.

Mark is also an award-winning writer for stage and screen, as well as world-renowned improvisor. He has performed his improv shows The Harold of Galactus and Improvised Dungeons & Dragons across the world.

Mark will be running a 3-day campaign at the castle, and subject to space at his table, you can select him as your campaign DM for the event.


Gina DeVivo

Gina DeVivo is your friendly neighborhood RPG craft mom. She has had the pleasure of living in some of the most wonderful worlds run by incredible people all over the internet. Geek & Sundry's "Callisto 6" "Shield of Tomorrow" "TBD RPG" "Tales From the Loop" and Saving Throw's "Tempting Fate" to name a few. You can also catch her providing the voices of Windsgar the goblin on "Plunders and Blunders" and Olive for "Champions of the Earth" podcast!

Her Jam is running wholesome, adventurous, character driven games full of hope, mystery, and teamwork. You bring the heart, She'll bring the snacks

Gina will be running One-Shots throughout the event, so every guest will get the chance to play at her table.


Jason Carl

Jason Carl is a lifelong storyteller and lover of roleplaying games. He is best known as the gamemaster for L.A. by Night on Geek and Sundry, and for his work on Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP, and Dungeons & Dragons (Third Edition).

His GM style is high drama and deep emotion, with an emphasis on personal stories that emphasize difficult choices and challenging themes. Horror an dark fantasy are his favorite story genres, and they always find a way into his roleplaying adventures.

Jason will be running One-Shots throughout the event including Vampire, so every guest will get the chance to play at his table.