The Dungeon Masters


Jeremy Crawford

Lead Rules Developer of Dungeons and Dragons and managing editor at Wizards of the Coast


Satine Phoenix

Satine is a co-creator of Maze Arcana with Ruty Rutenberg. Everything they do is to promote the equality of each other in the gaming space and promote cooperation rather than the "one voice, one perspective" style of Game Master. She is the DM of Sirens of the Realms on,  a comic book artist of the New Praetoreans, and a working actor.


Ruty Rutenberg

Writer, Actor, and Executive producer for Maze Arcana.Decorated US Army OIF/OEF Veteran, Actor, Writer, Voice Over, and Award Winning Dungeon Master & Guild Adept and Lead Designer of the platinum selling Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else. Ruty's expertise spans multiple platforms, with work alongside all the major studios on titles such as Argo, Fury, Finest Hours, Magnificent Seven, the recently released Growhouse by Snoop Dogg & DJ Pooh, and The Wall directed by Doug Liman. When not acting or writing for film & television, Ruty is writing content for Dungeons & Dragons, and a host of other RPG publishers and game designers. He loves gaming with attendees and is currently planning the future content as Dungeon Master of the inspiring Maze Arcana titles: Orphan Echo, Peanut Gallery, Fury's Reach Co-DM w/Satine Phoenix, Fury’s Fate, and the new Inkwell Society, a series based on the gritty, noir, post-war setting of Eberron. Be a part of the mystery at

ElisaBetrayal1 (2).jpg

Elisa Teague

Elisa Teague is a tabletop game designer who has worked on well over 100 titles, both board and card games as well as RPGs. A veteran of the game industry of 18 years, her most recent titles include Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, and new versions of her hit geeky trivia party game, Geek Out!, as well as adventure modules and content for RPGs such as Kids on Bikes and Dungeons and Dragons. She recently wrote the first Competitive Epic for D&D Adventurer's League ever written by a woman, and it was filled with puzzle challenges - a specialty of hers as a puzzle designer for various books, escape rooms, ARGs, and corporate events. As a GM, her story-telling style, props and visuals, as well as creative encounters take the crunch out of gameplay and put the emphasis on an welcoming roleplaying environment. 


James Introcaso

Best-selling game designer who has authored products for Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, and Roll20. Produces the Don't Split the Podcast network.



Christian Bellomo is a Freelance Art Director with a indomitable passion for Dungeons & Dragons, Food and new Technologies. His nickname zoltar is taken from a Fortune Teller Machine. Zoltar runs the popular website


The GM Tim

DM of Loose Endz & SkyFyre Comics Podcasts. Coordinator at GaymerX.

The Castle


Like stepping into a fantasy, a holiday at the Chateau de Challain is truly a fairy tale come to life. This stunning chateau is the stuff dreams are made of. Your registration includes accommodation, all food and drinks for all guests, and all gaming. There are no costs beyond the registration fee. Once you get to the castle, all is taken care of. (Note, all dietary requirements can be accommodated).


Select the room of your choice, for the size of your party. All rooms are stunning, whether in the castle or the outbuildings in the grounds. Once you register, you will be contacted by your Dungeon Master, to begin building your character.


But I've never played before...

No problem. Professional DMs will work with you before you arrive. We'll explain everything you need to know and make sure you have a great time even if you've never played before.


Who is organizing it?

Regency Encounters (facebook) is a premium period events company located in Canada. They organize four period costume balls every year. This is their first D&D event.

Spend four days playing Dungeons and Dragons in a castle with world class DMs in a vacation like none you have ever experienced. Retreat into a magnificently restored castle for a spot of luxury, relaxation, and, of course, role-playing.

Dates: July 1-5, 2018
Location: Challain-la-Potherie, France
Cheapest airport: Paris (CDG)
Closest airport: Nantes Airport


Four nights in a luxurious castle, twenty four hours of gaming, and breakfast. There is a village nearby within walking distance for lunch and dinner, however meal plans will be sold if you wish to dine in the castle with the DMs.


Rule of Cool. This game will be focused on simplicity and fun for a variety of players. The main point is to play in a castle and have a good time with new people. DMs will be focusing on pace and story, rules lawyering will be adjudicated swiftly and fairly.


There will be two sessions during the day and optional sessions in the evening. Everyone will have the opportunity to play at least 24 hours of D&D over the retreat.


You are requested to attend all daytime sessions. Evening sessions will be optional

Event Organizers


Tara Rout

Tara runs Regency Encounters from Edmonton in Canada. She has written several period books and run events such as the Pride and Prejudice Ball and the Festival of Wizardry since 2015.


Cameron  Rout

Cameron is a Product Manager in the tech industry and has been in love with the game of D&D since his dad brought home the "red box" back in 1987.


Jay Teeter


Lead Game Coordinator & Professional DM of 15 years on the East Coast of the USA and in New Zealand.